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While recruiting apart from the technical skills the verbal communication skills play a vital role during the selection process. Given that two candidates have similar qualifications and experience what else can be the distinguishing factor in selecting the right candidate. It is the soft skills and personality traits that matter a lot in hiring the right candidate. Earlier this used to play a vital role in leadership positions but nowadays it is equally important for hiring across all positions.

So how can a recruiter find the personality traits of a person? One way is to utilize psychometric tools to evaluate the candidate. But if psychometric tools are not available or to supplement this tool observing the non-verbal behavioral cues of the candidate can give a recruiter a lot of information about the candidates personality trait.

Behavioral experts say that we communicate more than 70% with our body responses (non verbal). These responses are automated and are processed by the sub-conscious mind and hence these gives critical information about what is going inside the mind of the candidate.  Non verbal communications are much more reliable and not easy to manipulate unlike verbal communication which can be learnt for an interview.

As we interact with other people we give away many non-verbal “messages” which can provide useful information about our thought process to the other person.  These non verbal cues referred as the body language gives away more honest information than our verbal communication i.e the spoken word.

This is a broad subject of study; however we can learn some basic techniques and make use of it in our interactions with candidates. The postures and body expressions of a person such as the physical movements, facial expressions, gestures, and tone/volume of individual’s voice, can provides  us huge information that can help is in understanding the person.

If you are hiring for a leadership role, one of the most important attribute to look out for is confidence and it can be assessed by noticing the eye contact and the manner in which the candidate shakes his hand with you. The second way is to question some of the claims made by a candidate in the CV and carefully observing his/her comfort and discomfort cues. These cues give valuable hints if the candidate is lying about these claims and these can be examined in more detail.

Just by observing these non verbal signs the recruiter can get a better understanding of the personality trait of the candidate. This will enable to make a better selection and ensure that he has better probability of success in hiring the candidate.